September 21, 2018


There’s something deep in all of us that wants to be self-reliant. Leaving home with everything you need, knowing no matter what happens or where you end up you’ll be ready. This recent trip to Baja gives an overview of what's needed to head out into new territory with everything you need to have the trip of a lifetime while living out of your truck bed.


We got the invite for Baja last minute. In the chaos of life and jobs, it’s great to have a vehicle where you’re always ready to throw your clothes and food in and hit the road. The  DECKED  truck bed storage system is a great way to organize and weatherproof your gear.


Within a week's notice we were meeting up at the border exchanging money and buying Mexican car insurance. After fueling up, we crossed the border and headed for Ensenada. With the right gear, you can leave on a last minute trip having never been somewhere before and know you’ll be alright.


When heading out into unfamiliar country there's really no such thing as too much fuel.  Rotopaxare a great option for carrying extra fuel.


Our first night was at a place called La Bufadora. Probably the most epic place most of us have ever camped. Few things compare to that feeling of rolling up on a place you've never seen, that very few ever get to see, and having great friends there to experience it with you. It also reminds you how simple you can really live. You can have the vacation of a lifetime just living out of your truck.


Half the fun of trips like this is figuring out new ways to use your gear. Here Jason figured out he could make a roadside snack without having to unpack his table. For more versatility, the  Skottle  by Tembo Tusk is another great option for trail-side cooking.


The Baja 1,000 has always been considered a legendary race. However, traversing across the peninsula from the pacific to the gulf to Punta Final via part of the Baja 1,000 course gives a whole new level of respect. The big whoops, deep sand, and barbed wire are seemingly endless. Just a few hours on the trail can give a newfound level of respect for those who race here.


Throughout the trip our group had a total of four tire failures. Everyone in our crew came down with at least one spare, and having the right tools to change out quickly saved us precious time as we raced to get back on the highway before sunset. The Wilco Offroad  Hitchgate Solo  is a great way to carry a full-size spare tire without losing critical cargo space. Although not utilized on this trip, when heading out into areas of deep snow, sand, or mud  Maxtrax  and  The Deadmanare some other great items to get you un-stuck.


Two days camped in Punta Final really gave us the chance to lose track of time. Hanging out in the middle of nowhere with no service, no amenities, and no agenda. Just exploring the surroundings with friends.


Sleeping in a rooftop tent really ads to the feeling of being on your own timeline. Having an ultra comfortable mattress and an elevated view can really leave planning for an extended stay. On this trip it also proved to be beneficial to be off the deep sand that was difficult to properly stake down with the gale force winds we experienced on our last night.  Tepui,  Freespirit, and  Treelineare all great starting points when looking for your own room with a view.


Trips like this build camaraderie. Many of us had never met before, but by the end of the trip we all felt like we’d known each other for years. A special thanks to Marco of  OVRLNDX  for making this trip possible.

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