Nitro Gear & Axle Toyota 8.75" Nitro Master Install Kit, with OEM E-Locker, 2016+

Kit Contents:
Pinion Bearing & Race x2
Carrier Bearing & Race x2
Pinion Nut x1
Pinion Seal x1
Shim Kit x2
Crush Sleeve x1
Gasket x1
Marking Compound x1
Brush x1
Loctite x1

The kits assembled by Nitro Gear & Axle only use the highest quality bearings available from Timken & Koyo. Nitro Gear & Axle does not use any cheap Chinese bearings. By using only Timken & Koyo bearings just like all of the OEM vehicle manufacturers you can be assured that your differential will be reliable, durable, & quiet for years to come.

3 quarts of 
Nitro Synthetic Plus Gear Oil



Tech Note: 

Models with automatic transmissions and OEM E-locker or manual transmission models use T8-75-488-NGRing & Pinion Gear Set
Models with automatic transmission but lacking the OEM E-locker use an 8" ring & pinion, TV6-xxx-NG

Nitro Gear Oil
Mountain vista with fully RIGd Tacoma and 4Runner rigs.