TrailStraps™ (MAXTRAX mounting system)

TrailStraps™ is IN STOCK.

The fastest MAXTRAX mount in the West. TrailStraps™ quick-draw design ensures that your MAXTRAX are always close at hand when you need them. The all-new TrailStraps™ system is the ultimate solution for on-trail MAXTRAX use. And, when you get home from your trip, TrailStraps™ are easily removed and stored with or without your MAXTRAX until your next trip. This USA-made mounting solution features a premium grade nylon webbing and nylon-enclosed elastic side straps that provide maximum tension and security of your MAXTRAX even during the most aggressive off-road scenarios.

Note: TrailStraps™ are designed for on-trail use. We do not recommend leaving your MAXTRAX unattended when mounted to TrailStraps™. When stopping for gas and a bag of Doritos® in BFE, we recommend keeping an eye on your rig or using a simple cable lock to deter those with a looser moral compass.

TrailStraps™ are designed specifically for use with MAXTRAX and are not compatible with other traction board brands. 

Features Include:
  • Quick-draw design for fast access in a sticky situation
  • Nylon-enclosed elastic side straps for maximum security off-road
  • Easy-storage design with or without MAXTRAX mounted
  • Premium grade Duraflex® buckles
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Includes limited edition RIGd velcro patch
  • Proudly Made in USA


  • Fits 31"-37" tires
  • Made for the UltraSwing, but will work on any other spare tire carrier
  • For use with MAXTRAX traction boards only