Tepui Explorer Series Ayer 2

In our experience living with different rooftop tents in cold, hot, windy, and rain condition, Tepui's Explorer Series tent is the just-right choice, and a solid choice for what most people need in a tent. The crew here at RIGd appreciates having a tent designed for any weather we may find ourselves in. Our Explorer has held up well in some pretty ridiculous weather so we think it's a good choice if you camp year-round or if you're heading into mountain areas, or anywhere you could encounter colder temps, thunderstorms, or light snow.

Something else to think about when choosing a RTT is weight. The Explorer weighs about 50-pounds less than their Ruggedized tent which is a win in our book and can make a difference in gas milage, how your vehicle handles, and ease of getting the tent on and off your rig.