SnoMaster Expedition Series Ex85 D Stainless Steel Ac/Dc Fridge/Freezer

The Expedition series are designed for the most extreme conditions. When you do not have access to 120 volt for long periods of time and battery amperage draw is paramount. The unit’s insulation is thicker than our thickest yet at 70mm/2.76 inches, for better maintenance of temperature. With a stainless steel outer shell.



Dual AC/DC 12/24 DC 110/220 AC fridge or freezer with Stainless steel cabinet, hinges, locks and handles and Lid open Alarm.

3 Internal baskets included, Each compartment can be set independently -8ºF to 50ºF, Digital thermostat, LED Light /Lid alarm. Transit bag and remote included.

12/24 V DC 120 V AC Model: EX95D 95D Size: 32.48 x 18.50 x 25 Inches, 825W x 470D x 635H mm’s Capacity: 89.81 Quarts, 85 Liter (37/48 Split) Running Current: 2.5, 5 or Variable @ 12 V DC, average run time 12 hours in 24 Power Consumption: 66 watt Weight: 83.77lbs, 38Kg Features 12/24 V DC 120 V AC Temp Range 50F to -8F, 10c to -22c Running Current: 2.5, 5 or Variable Amps @ 12 V DC, average run time 12 hours in 24 66 Watt Snomaster compressor Cut out Voltage 3 settings: 10/10.7/11.8 Volts @ 12 V DC Interior LED Light 3 min delay protection start up On / off Switch Power Consumption: 66 watt Battery Monitor Free Bottle Opener Weight: 83.77lbs, 38Kg Benefits Stainless Steel Construction 3 Internal baskets included Transit Bag Included Wireless Remote, Solar Rechargeable Included End/Front/Back discharging to reduce overheating potential. 5 Year Compressor Warranty Optional Home Delivery

Mountain vista with fully RIGd Tacoma and 4Runner rigs.