Expedition Essentials USB Powered Accessory Mount (TPAM) - Toyota Tacoma (3rd Gen)

The strongest and most functional dash accessory mounting base for the 3rd Gen Tacoma available. Suitable for phones, GPS, tablets, CB etc.

It is a highly versatile mounting system with pre-threaded (inserts) patterned after the RAM diamond mounts.

The 3TPAM has two options for the USB Outlet

A standard low amperage 1.5a dual USB Charger: this USB Charger is capable of charging phones and tablets at a nominal rate.

And for those that desire more performance  USB Rapid Charger 4.8a from Blue Sea Systems.

The 3TPAM mounts to the top of your radio bezel, using through bolts (requires drilling) and goes one step additional for added strength with the two supplied support brackets that tie into your upper radio mounting bolts.

3TPAM is a functional design and built for the trail and beyond.

Things to note:

The 3TPAM will support full-size tablets or  iPads, it is recommended to use short arms with these devices 

The 3TPAM requires drilling and some disassembly of your dash for installation

We supply all the necessary hardware for installation along with a harness and connectors to tap into the cigarette lighter for power.

The pre-threaded holes for mounting devices are threaded at 10/32- we recommend a 10/32 1/2” long machine screw.  

As always we stand behind our products and offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship.

For technical assistance or feedback, we are avail at jeff@expeditionessentials.com

Charger Option
Mountain vista with fully RIGd Tacoma and 4Runner rigs.