Jeep Gladiator Hitch Mounted Tire Carrier | Can it survive the hardest trails in Moab?

April 19, 2022 1 min read

On our final day of Easter Jeep Safari 2022 we push the UltraSwing hitch mounted spare tire carrier on our Jeep Gladiator to the limit to see how it fairs on the hardest trails in Moab.

One of the beauties of the UltraSwing is the ability to remove it from your hitch for certain situations. Wheeling some of the hardest trails in Moab is not typically a place you find your Overland rig. Not to mention that for serious wheeling, many choose to leave their spare tires behind to maximize every inch of departure angle. However, our goal is always to push our products to the limit to learn and improve.

We're here to abuse our product so you don't have to. Also, sometimes it's just fun to try and break things. After three days of hard wheeling there was no structural damage to the UltraSwnig just some hefty scrapes. Also, despite serious amounts of dragging on the lower hitch receiver, we were still able to re-install the SKEP which goes to show how well the hitch receiver took those hard impacts and long scraping sections.

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