RiGd RambleRack is a heavy duty off-road capable bike rack made in the USA guaranteed to keep your bikes safe and secure.

When we set out to make the UltraSwing hitch rack the mission was simple: Build a better swing-out for carrying a full-size spare tire and bikes. We’ve taken the experience of a swing-out hitch rack pretty far since then, but the next limitation to taking our bikes off-road has always been the bike racks available.

In an off-road environment, the forces applied to the bike rack and bike are very different from anything experienced on-road. In our real-world testing as well as FEA (finite element analysis) of other racks, existing designs can perform well on-road while maximizing ease of use, and handle mild fire roads, but when pushed in moderate to extreme off-road tests, the results were far from satisfactory.

RambleRack Drawings

Our goal was to make a truly off-road-worthy bike rack.

RambleRack heavy duty hitch bike rack accomplishes this by triangulating the forces of rapid acceleration and deceleration put on the front wheel during extreme off-road driving (think wheels leaving the ground). Our patent-pending design utilizes a symmetrical wheel tray, eliminating the risk of a taco or bent rim we experienced in testing many of the traditional rack geometries. This is coupled with a perpendicular ratcheting arm that locks in place at 90°, which applies direct downward pressure from the top of the tire through the center of the axle while eliminating any potential for fork rub. Lastly, a rock-solid steel construction significantly reduces any remaining unwanted flex.

In all our destructive testing the only failure point was a front rim. And our rack had a 20% greater success rate in that test than any other leading tray-style hitch-mounted rack. Note that at these forces all other racks also incurred damages to the rack itself.

RambleRack™ heavy duty hitch bike rack uses many common non-proprietary parts including our Voile® strap rear-wheel retention, which can easily be replaced with straps found at most all bike, ski, or outdoor retailers. For mild to moderate driving, a single-loop Voile strap is sufficient, for extreme off-road, or heavy e-bikes, we recommend using our longer Voile strap double-looped for maximum security.

RambleRack Double


  • No fork or frame contact
  • Optimized for use with UltraSwing, but can be used on other off-road swing-out bumpers
  • Ultra-thick lock anchor for theft prevention
  • Proudly made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Patent pending

Technical Specifications:

  • Fits tires up to 3” (Fat bike tray also available for up to 5" tires)
  • Compatible with fat tire e-bikes/moto (Sur-Ron, Super73, Ubco, etc.)
  • Zinc-primed and powder coated
  • Fire-road rated for bikes up to 100 lbs
  • Moderate off-road rated for bikes up to 75 lbs
  • Extreme off-road (wheels leaving the ground) rated for bikes up to 50 lbs
  • RambleRack-1 weight: 46 lbs

Available Versions: 

RambleRack™-1: Designed specifically for use on the UltraSwing, but will also work great on other off-road swing-out bumpers or as a static bike rack plugged straight into your hitch. RambleRack-1 is a static high-clearance version that is expandable up to 4 bikes (3 max with UltraSwing).

RambleRack™-T: Tray-only rack for use on a wide array of square or round bar mounting surfaces such as roof racks, van bumper post-mounts, or even some popular existing rack bases, giving your existing rack the off-road stability of the RambleRack without needing to invest in an entirely new rack platform.