Which UltraSwing Fits My Rig?

UltraSwing Fitment Check

If you're not 100% certain which UltraSwing fits your vehicle, use the printable PDF guides below to ensure you’ve selected the correct version of UltraSwing for your vehicle. After printing the guide, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check your vehicle’s hitch

  • Ensure you have enough insertion depth
  • If your hitch is open, you want 3.5” contacting the UltraSwing’s receiver
  • If your hitch is closed, you need to have at least 4.25” of insertion available
  • Ensure the distance from the vehicle’s hitch pin to the end of the receiver is compatible with the selected guide.

Step 2: Check your bumper

You will need 4” or less from the center of your vehicle’s hitch pin to the furthest protruding point of the bumper. Note if you have aftermarket bumpers of factory bumper options that include recovery points like D-rings that these must be counted as the furthest protruding point.

Step 3: Confirm you have enough height to clear your tailgate or hatch.

For Short-Fit and Multi-Fit you will need a minimum of 7.75” from center of your hitch to the bottom of your tailgate or hatch

For Mega-Fit you will need 6.25” from center of the hitch to the bottom of your tailgate or hatch

Select and print your guide here:

Use our vehicle fitment finder here.

Full-size trucks and SUVs: The Mega-Fit is ideal for full size trucks. It allows you to drop your tailgate with the UltraSwing open to 90 degrees. The Mega-Fit can accommodate up to 40" tires.

Mid-size trucks and SUVs: The Multi-Fit is the best option for most mid-size trucks and SUVs including 3rd Gen Tacoma, all Subarus, Rav4 and more. The Multi-Fit also offers 2 hitch pin hole positions to accommodate a wider range of fitments or transfer between other mid-sized vehicle platforms.

Vans: The Mega-Fit was designed specifically to meet the fitment demands of large vans like Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster.

Short Hitch mid-size vehicles: 4Runner, GX, 2024 Tacoma, etc.

The UltraSwing Short-Fit (previously knows as "4Runner") features a shorter hitch tube and a single hole. UltraSwing Short-Fit accommodates a wide range of vehicles including 4Runner, GX, 2024 Tacoma and more. If your vehicle has 2" or less from the center of the hitch pin hole to the face of the hitch, UltraSwing Short-Fit is a great option. On average the Short-Fit sits 1" closer to the vehicle than a Multi-Fit would.

Do you have an aftermarket bumper?
In general, UltraSwings are NOT compatible with high-clearance aftermarket bumpers with an integrated hitch. Email support@rigdsupply.com a photo of your rig's bumper to confirm.

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