RambleRack Artist Series | Gavin Roarke Sullivan

April 18, 2023 1 min read

We first met Gavin out at the GFC downton LA to Joshua Tree meetup. Our first interaction with Gavin was him roasting us for the price and beefy-ness of the RambleRack. He’ll be the first to tell you he didn’t understand it right away. He did however add an UltraSwing and UltraTable to his Tacoma. A few weeks after getting his UltraSwing we got a call from Gavin saying he was scared watching his bikes move on his existing rack traveling to-and-fro in LA. Shortly thereafter he also picked up a RambleRack.

We gave Gavin the chance to have some fun with the RambleRack logo and create this series of RambleRack decals and bottles.

When not creating for his small design studio, you’ll find Gavin riding his Stigmata gravel bike or Stumpjumper through LA’s streets and trails, or heading out for a ramble in his Tacoma.

Thanks for rambling with us Gavin. See more of Gavin's work here.

Get your RambleRack bottle and decal set here.

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