Rambling with Charlie Harrison

June 07, 2022 1 min read

Charlie Harrison, a.k.a. “Chuck” races bikes for a living, but Rambling is his true passion.

Charlie Harrison RambleRackOn any given “rest week” given by his coach, you’ll find Chuck packed up in his 3rd Gen Tacoma and off to a new camp spot with his girlfriend Breanne.

Charlie GFC Camper UltraSwingAt the last World Cup in Scotland, Chuck had a crash resulting in a broken hand, so while home recovering we had a chance to shoot a few photos of Chuck’s truck and threw a prototype RambleRack™ on his UltraSwing® for good measure.

Learn more about Chuck in this Trek Factory Racing video.

Charlie Trek GFC RiGdKeep in touch with Chuck's rambles on his Instagram.

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