September 24, 2018 2 min read

We could all use a bit more van life vibes.


Blain LeBlanc is an artist, photographer, filmmaker and surfboard shaper living full-time out of his Ram Promaster. Blain and adventure buddy Audrey recently hit the road north from their base camp in Costa Mesa to find less crowded waves and some open space for their four-legged compadres, Coast and Cello to stretch their legs.


Coast (left) and his trusty sidekick Cello (right) at home on the road.


Living in a van means limited space. There simply isn't room for extra. Lightweight, versatile and minimal are the names of the game for van dwelling.


When simplifying down to van-style adventures the little things make all the difference. Here are a few key items we love.

This weatherproof and shock resistant solar power bank will keep you fully charged while you head to the water. When the sun goes down, the back features a powerful LED to help you find your lost keys.

The NEMO Victory Blanket is a perfect stow-and-go way to keep your picnic out of the sand or add an extra comfy layer inside your tent. The ruggedized bottom can hold up in truck beds or posting up on the roof of your van.

Rinse it off. The NEMO Helio LX Pressure Shower can hold up to 5.9 gallons of water, compresses down to the size of a volleyball, and weighs just 1lb, 14 oz. Perfect for rinsing anything and everything.

Everything you need always where you left it. The Front Runner Camp Kitchen Utensil Set keeps all your cooking essentials close at hand. These quality stainless utensils will stand the test of time.


Having versatile storage options is critical for van life. The Ortlieb Big-Zip is a perfect solution for clearing the clutter or throwing your dirty laundry up on the roof.

“My favorite thing about the Big-Zip is being able to stuff unnecessary clutter into it with plenty of space." -Audrey

Versatile storage options are key for an ever-changing list of gear.

The padded shoulder straps are a must-have to bring your gear back down to earth.

"Being able to put it on the roof without worry if gets wet is also a huge plus." -Audrey


Everyone has a different definition of adventure and means to get there. Find more inspiration with our featured rigs here.

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