Summer 2024 Production Outlook

May 07, 2024 2 min read

What happens when a team of eight has hundreds of orders to fill? You buck up and build.

We’re so grateful for what this spring season has brought. In our case, a massive influx of orders for UltraSwing®, RambleSwing™, and RambleRack®.

We're often mistaken for some large company with hundreds of employees and a department for everything. The truth is, there are eight people in our entire company. From CEO to assembly, there's eight of us. Add in hundreds of swing outs and bike racks to build and you do the math. We're all hands on deck, and we love it, but it does mean things take time.

Here are the production updates heading into Summer 2024: 

RambleSwing™ is 4-5 weeks (for now), however, we know that this won’t last long. Based on current sales volume it will likely be a 6-8 week lead time by next month. If you’ve been considering a RambleSwing and want it before the leaves start changing color, I’d jump on it and order your RambleSwing now.

RiGd Made in USA

UltraSwing® is currently 4-6 weeks. Given our recent influx of orders, we’re in a strong possibility of jumping up to 8 weeks, particularly on UltraSwing Mega-Fit

RambleRack Made in USA

RambleRack® is 2-3 weeks for a very brief time. We had a last little sprint before needing to hit the pause button as described in our last email. If you want a RambleRack, now is the time. Or wait until the Halloween candy starts coming out on the grocery store shelves, because that’s probably when we’ll have them again.

RambleSwing made in USA

As always, in addition to frantically building our products, we’re still here to take your calls and answer your emails as best we can. Know when you call us we’re actually in the middle of also building our racks, or possibly en route to a show near you because we also believe in maintaining real human interaction and community even when it’s a big sacrifice to leave the shop. A small team working really hard is what it takes to survive in the modern world, and we truly love what we do and count ourselves blessed to call this our work.

RiGd made in Orange, CA

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