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September 27, 2022 2 min read

4Runner bike rack

A rack made for real trips.

No trip exists in isolation. A riding trip still involves traveling to your destination. If it's further away, that may include camping somewhere along the journey. It may also include driving to a trailhead over some un-maintained fire roads or even a 4x4 trail if you're a bit adventurous. Bike racks have been the bane of our existence on trips for years. There are racks made to be lightweight and convenient for day-to-day use in civilization, but the convenient and slim form and function often create failure points when roads get rough (or bikes get heavy). Not to mention even if everything works as intended, there are inherent drawbacks to other rack designs. For those clamping near the fork, we've all experienced the fork rub that causes us to wrap micro fiber towels around the arm. Or for those designs with wheel-only contact, as you travel from the hot desert up into the mountains, temperatures change drastically resulting in a loss of pressure in your tires and the rack that was once snug is now quite loose, putting the precious reason for your trip in jeopardy.

Off road bike rack

One Simple Goal

The RambleRack™ started as a goal to make a better bike rack to use with the UltraSwing®. The goal was to make a no-compromise rack for our own experience of carrying our bikes on trips that combine days of riding with driving off-road to remote camping destinations.

Off road swing out bike rack

New Geometry

Over the years we've learned a lot about the pros and cons of each style of rack, both in real-world testing, and computer simulations. Ultimately, we weren't quite satisfied with any of the existing designs, which is why we developed our patent pending locked vertical arm with a symmetrical wheel tray that provides maximum security and stiffness while also avoiding any contact with the frame or fork.

bike rack with camp table

A holistic approach to riding trips.

Riding is one of the most amazing feelings, and there are few things that bring us more joy. However, as we reflect on the most memorable trips, so much of what made those trips special was the rambling along the way; camping, taking in the landscape, and adopting a holistic approach to what a “riding trip” should be.

4Runner camping bike rack

Let's Talk

Have questions about the UltraSwing, RambleRack, Camp Table, or anything else we make? We'd love to talk with you. We're a small team that love to hear what you're up to and how we can help you enjoy your rambles even more. Shoot us a call at 714-820-9444 or email support@rigdsupply.com

Photos by: @zag.runner

Words by: @lukewronski

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