November 17, 2022 1 min read

#1: Versatile

UltraSwing Camp Table

The UltraSwing is a Swiss Army knife for life on 4 wheels. Spare tire carrier? Obviously. Bike rack swing-out? Yup. Mobile cooking station? Yum. Recovery point? Unstuck yourself.

#2: Lightweight

UltraSwing 4Runner wheeling

You could call us weight weenies. Weight is the enemy of performance. A Lighter vehicle will handle better on and off-road. And unless you're on the Forbes richest list, maybe you care about MPGs. At just 65 lbs, the UltraSwing is by far the lightest solution available.

#3: Removable

UltraSwing removable

Some of us have to live a second life as city folk. We might have to drive our rigs to meetings downtown and battle for parking, or have our spouses do a Costco run mid-week. The full-time overland gods can build single-purpose vehicles, but for us mere mortals, we sometimes need a do car stuff.

Ready to start rambling with an UltraSwing? Click here.

Photos by: @zag.runner

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