RambleRack Review: ZagRunner runs our prototype for 6 months

January 03, 2023 1 min read

"If you love to off-road as much as you love to ride your bike [RambleRack®] is going to make your life so much easier".

Here Nick's thoughts on the RambleRack™ after running one of our prototypes on his UltraSwing® equipped 4Runner for six months: 

RambleRack off-road bike rack

"Easy to use, ballistic, and unlocking new opportunities to combine off-roading and riding. RambleRack® is a game changer."

RambleRack on 4Runner

"Worry-free and optimized for going off-road and keeping your bike safe. It's the sturdiest setup you can possibly get."

RambleRack swung open

"The RambleRack is built with quality materials, there's nothing to break, and all the wear parts are easily replaceable so you really get what you pay for. And all that quality, attention to detail, and burly constructions means I take my bike now, anywhere I wan't to go with zero stress."

RambleRack on Patrol

Learn more about the RambleRack® here.

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