Hitch Pin for UltraSwing and RambleSwing

The UltraSwing and RambleSwing do not include a hitch pin, however for your safety, you should ALWAYS have a hitch pin installed. Add a hitch pin to your order now and save a trip to the store when your UltraSwing or RambleSwing arrives. Better yet, add a locking one to keep your UltraSwing or RambleSwing safe from people with a looser moral compass than you.

The Locking Hitch Pin features:

  • Protects your UltraSwing against theft
  • Durable chrome-plated finish
  • Easy 1/4-turn lock activation
  • Watertight dust cap
  • Includes 2 keys
  • 5/8" diameter

The Non-Locking Hitch Pin features:

  • Black zinc finish
  • Bent handle for easier grip
  • Limited lifetime warranty (1-yr finish, 1-yr parts)
  • 5/8" diameter