Swing open the possibilities!

The UltraSwing® is the ultimate swing out tire carrier and accessory hitch rack. Mount a spare, carry extra gas, load the bikes or make lunch on the trail.

The ultra-durable construction means that this thing won’t bend, break or wobble no matter what you throw at it. Combine the ruggedness with a huge array of accessory connections, and your trailer hitch just turned into a Swiss Army knife for life on 4 wheels.

Choose a Swing Out Tire Carrier for Your Rig

The UltraSwing® hitch spare tire mount is available in three fitments.

UltraSwing® fitment finder

Still not sure which UltraSwing® is right for you? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Take the quiz to learn which of our swing away tire carriers is the right fit for your rig.

fitment finder quiz

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