Quadrupling our production in a pandemic. Learn why we did it.



Over the past 6 months, we’ve quadrupled our production capacity, tripled our number of employees, and moved into a new building four times the size of our previous warehouse. Are we crazy? We don’t think so...

Throughout this COVID season, our sales along with many other businesses in anything outdoor recreation-oriented skyrocketed. In our case, we saw over a 200% growth in sales during months following the initial lockdowns. At the peak of the boom, we had backorders up to 3+ months. While many businesses have chosen to ride the wave and refrain from adding staff or increasing their manufacturing capacity for fear of what the future holds, we went full send. Why? First off, we all know backorders suck. Secondly, we believe in our community, our love for getting outside, and ourselves. No matter what the future holds, you can’t kill our passion for creating products that enhance our experience outdoors. And while other industries may be unsure of the future, we know that the crazier this world gets, the more we'll desire to get back into nature and seek solace.

UltraSwing box

Here’s to keeping it full send 👊  ✊  💨