RambleRack Lever Lock


Lock the lever of the RambleRack to provide additional security for your bikes against theft.
Note: We recommend the use of our primary lock anchor point for maximum security. This is an auxiliary lock designed for convenience and quick stops.
(NEW) USA Made Lever Lock:

***USA Made RambleRack Lever Locks will be keyed to match any USA Made Locking Hitch Pins added to the same order.***

  • Custom Fit: Specifically designed for use with the RambleRack
  • What's Included: RambleRack Lever Lock + 2 Keys
  • Highest quality: Anti theft machined stainless-steel locks and pins rigorously tested by trusted 3rd party solutions.
  • Stainless Steel: Resists rust and corrosion. Tight fitting weatherproof rubber cap and O-ring protects the key hole form water, grime, dirt, and debris.
  • Register your key to never have to worry about losing them here.
  • 100% Made in the USA: Proudly Manufactured, shipped, and serviced in the USA!