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September 29, 2023 4 min read

RiGd bike rack hitch swing away

It can be a bit deflating to wander to your off-road destination and then struggle with removing your bike rack in order to access the supplies inside your vehicle. With the RambleSwing™ bike rack hitch swing away design, however, we provide you with the ultimate level of durability and convenience with unobstructed access to the interior of your vehicle. 

RambleSwing™: The Details

The RambleSwing is by far the toughest rack on the market. While the RambleSwing™ weighs just 60 pounds, it can handle a total bike weight of up to 300 pounds, which means the rack can carry the heaviest bikes on the roughest terrain.

As with our UltraSwing™ tire carrier, this swing away bike rack hitch features our Wobble-Free™ wedge system, which eliminates any movement in the hitch for a far more comfortable driving experience and a damage-free journey for your high-end mountain bikes, e-bikes, road bikes and any other style bikes. 

With our FlipFlop™ technology, we’ve made the RambleSwing™ swing away feature as versatile as possible. Users can decide whether to have the bike rack hitch swing away to the left or the right, depending on their preference, making this rack completely user-friendly.

The RambleSwing™ includes a patented bike grip-handled 500-pound compression latch and an integrated step on both sides to provide easy access to the rear of your vehicle. We also added durable Jessup® grip tape to the integrated step to ensure maximum grip. Jessup® grip tape is used on the decks of battleships, so it’s up for just about any challenge that you (or Mother Nature) can throw at it.

Best of all, the RambleSwing™ is compatible with all 2” hitch-mounted bike racks. It also offers both 90-degree and 120-degree locking open positions, for your convenience. Additionally, if you’ve been looking for a Ford Bronco bike rack hitch swing away design, an FJ Cruiser hitch swing arm design or a Jeep Wrangler hitch swing arm design, the RambleSwing is an ideal choice.

Our swing away bike hitch rack can fit on just about any vehicle, so whether you’re in a Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco or another off-road-capable vehicle, the RambleSwing™ is up to the task.  

If you are searching for a high-quality, durable off-road bike rack, we recommend pairing the RambleSwing™ with our RambleRack™ bike rack, which supports wheel sizes up to 56”. The RambleRack™ has been designed and tested for off-road use and will keep your bike safe in the harshest environments with no frame or fork contact.

Customers also are encouraged to purchase our hitch pin lock, which is just $26, and an essential safety tool. Not only does a locking hitch ensure that your swing away bike rack hitch stays firmly in place, but the hitch pin also protects your RambleSwing™ from theft.


Why RiG’d Supply?

At RiG’d, we love heading out in the wilderness as much as our customers and our passion for off-roading, camping and biking is what led us to create our products. We couldn’t find quality, durable, convenient racks that met all of our needs. So, we invented some.

Everything we make incorporates the highest quality materials with the best design strategies, and our products are proudly made in the U.S. Whether you are heading for an off-road adventure in Baja or Boulder, we have durable racks that fit your needs. We make it easy for explorers to get their bikes loaded and head out for a next-level off-road adventure.


3 Must-Have Items For Your Next Off Highway Adventure with Bikes

While we definitely think of the RambleSwing™ and RambleRack™ as must-have equipment for your next biking escapade, there are a few more items that will ensure that you enjoy your journey as much as possible, including:

Why you need an UltraSwing

  1. Spare Tire

Flat tires are a fact of life. Always carry a spare tire for your vehicle. If you’ve put larger than stock tires on your vehicle, ensure you have a matching size spare. Larger than stock spare tires often will no longer fit in the factory location. This is part of the reason why theUltraSwing™ hitch mounted spare tire carrier exists. 

  1. Locks

Even off-grid we always believe in locking up our bikes. One of the great features of the RambleRack is our multiple lock system. It starts with ourRambleRack Lever Lock. The RambleRack Lever Lock is great because it makes no contact with your frame which can cause scuffing or damage while driving. When it’s time to turn in for the night, or when you have to leave your bikes out of sight, the RambleRack also features a steel locking anchor point to use with a high quality cable or coated chain lock. No matter which bike rack you choose to use with the RambleSwing, ensure you always lock your bikes.

Off road bike rack

  1. Bike Cleaning Supplies

This one often goes overlooked until you find yourself in this sticky situation. When driving off-road, your precious bikes are bound to get dirty. Sometimes this can even mean large amounts of mud from a creek crossing. Once you’re ready to start riding, sometimes there can be so much mud on your drivetrain and suspension your bike is at risk of being damaged if not cleaned properly before riding. This is why we recommend always carrying a sprayable water source (like a WaterPORT), degreaser (like Simple Green), along with brushes and rags. 


Order Your RambleSwing™ Today

Our RambleSwing™ and RambleRack™ can be ordered online in just minutes. As the RambleSwing™ bike rack swing out is one of our newer products, the current ETA for delivery is about four weeks. If you live near our Orange, CA, facility, customers typically can pick up this swing away bike rack hitch in about a week. Let us know if you have any questions about RambleSwing™ or any of our heavy-duty, off-road products. Be sure also to subscribe to RiG’d Supply alerts to get the latest news on sales, new products and more. 

 RiGd Supply Made in USA

How To Install Your RambleSwing™

We offer installation guides as well as helpful installation videos on our website. To access these, just head to our homepage and go to the Learn tab. This section includes the installation guides as well as helpful information about many of our products.

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