Ramble with Us: The Path Bike Shop

September 25, 2023 1 min read

We owe much of RiG'd existing to the bike shops we grew up working at and continue to consider part of our extended family. In this video we highlight some of the faces behind The Path Bike Shop, and Brian's journey using different swing-out hitch racks, ultimately landing on the RambleSwing™. Brian is a big fan of DIY when it comes to what works for his rambles. His bike rack is an eclectic mix of various rack pieces (even some old prototype RambleRack™ rear wheel trays he scrounged from the RiG'd shop). We're pretty sure it won't be long until Brian is ready to upgrade to a RambleRack, but we wanted to show that the RambleSwing can make ANY bike rack work better.

Buy the RambleSwing™ and RambleRack™ and save 10% here.

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