RambleRack™ lead time is currently 8-12 weeks. Why is this good news?

April 04, 2024 2 min read

RambleRack off road testing

RambleRack™ was a dream for 7 years before becoming reality. 

A few years ago we got serious and set out on a mission to build a better bike rack at any cost. We believed it needed to exist, so much that we didn’t wait until it was scalable to manufacture or cost effective, we just wanted to get something we fully believed in out in the world.

Off road testing RambleRack

We’ve spent the last two years selling the RambleRack at a break even or a loss just to get them out in the world.

We knew that if we could just get them in people’s hands the believers would grow. And YOU believed in it, and bought it! And we are so grateful for every person who’s invested in this dream. However, it’s now time for us to implement sustainable manufacturing processes so we can support the demand (and our business) for the long run. And this takes time for us to queue up.

RambleRack development

So why is 8-12 weeks good news for you?

First off, it’s good news for your local bike shops and vehicle outfitters. We’ve been unable to support local dealers with the RambleRack due to limited production capacity, and margin if we’re being completely honest, and we know how important supporting the local community is.

It’s also good news for the quality we can offer. As we grow in our capacity to produce the RambleRack, we grow in our ability to improve every last detail. It will only ever get better from here. And excuse the bias, but man it’s already good.

RambleRack lever arm

Slower is Faster

Like any good MTB coach will tell you, sometimes you have to go slower before you can go faster, and that’s exactly what we’re having to do right now for the future of the RambleRack.

Thank you to everyone who believes in the RambleRack and wants to be first in line as we enter this next chapter, we promise you it will be worth the wait.

RambleRack Raptor

Order your RambleRack™ here.

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