New Year. New UltraSwing Price. $150 Less.

January 03, 2024 1 min read

UltraSwing old Toyota Pickup

Times are Tough

For many out there, times are tough. The last several years our pricing structure was based around extending the most value to the most comprehensive experience possible. This meant that the deepest discounts were applied to our UltraSwing accessory bundles.
However, this past year we saw a growing population that for budgetary reasons needed to start with just the core product and planned to build it out over time.
For this reason we've lowered the price of the UltraSwing $150.

Know You Got a Killer Deal

If you purchased your UltraSwing in the past year and added accessories, rest assured you saved at least $150 by buying more of what you wanted straight from the get go. And we're confident you're not regretting having your camp table, Rotopax, or jerry can now.
UltraSwing tire carrier

Enjoy the Journey

For all those that have been waiting to bite the bullet, 2024 is your year to start simple, build over time, and enjoy the journey. Here's to many more rambles in 2024.
-Luke Wronski, CEO

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