UltraSwing™ FAQ

Q: What is the difference between the 4th/5th Gen UltraSwing the Multi-Fit and the Mega-Fit?

A: Click here to find which UltraSwing is best for your vehicle:

Q: How much does the UltraSwing weigh?

A: 70 lbs (with wheel plate)


Q: Do I need a license plate relocation kit?

A: On all versions of the UltraSwing license plate relocation tabs are included. Click here to learn about license plate lights.


Q: Do I need a hitch extension to use a bike rack?

A: If you are running a spare tire, yes, you will need a hitch extension.

We recommend the adjustable anti-wobble one we designed called the WobNot, but others will work as well.

The one exception is a Sprinter or Transit van running 31" tires using a Mega-Fit does not need an extension. 


Q: What are my options for a backup camera?

A: There are several existing options available for backup camera relocation. Here's a link to our offerings. Call or email us to help you decide what option makes sense for you.

Q: What accessories will be available?

A: View all accessories here.

Check out the camp table bundle and Rotopax bundle. Other accessories include the Hi-Vert Hi-Lift mount, TrailStraps™ MAXTRAX mount, and WobNot hitch extension.


Q: Can I mount two Rotopax to the UltraSwing?

A: Yes, we recommend using the Ultraplate and Rotopax Universal Mounting Plate to mount two 2-Gallon Rotopax. To mount a single Rotopax use our UltraSwing Rotopax Mount.

Q: Will it ship powder coated?

A: Yes, bead blasted and powder coated

Q: Will this work with my ladder?

A: Yes, if ladder is located on driver side. If on passenger, call to confirm fitment.


Q: Can I tow with the UltraSwing’s lower receiver?

A: The UltraSwing is tow rated to 10,000 lbs (1,000 lb tongue) and is also safe to be used as a recovery point. Learn more about how the UltraSwing affects your tow capacity here.


Q: How Can I prevent my UltraSwing from theft?

A: Any 5/8" locking hitch pin can make stealing your UltraSwing incredibly difficult. Click here to see what we sell.


Q: What is the warranty on UltraSwings?

A: Limited Lifetime


Q: Does the UlltraSwig wobble?



Q: Will the UltraSwing affect my departure angle?

UltraSwing Departure Angle

A: There is a slight decrease in departure angle compared to just a standard hitch receiver. When hitting an obstacle straight on the UltraSwing is 4” further out to. Approaching an obstacle from an angle, the UltraSwing is higher than the bumper on many vehicle applications.

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