November 29, 2023 2 min read

Three Points to Consider:

There’s a prevailing belief right now that mounting your spare tire, storage box, bike rack, etc. to the hinges of your van’s rear doors is the way-to-go. But before you make that investment, please consider the following:

UltraSwing on Transit Van

1. It all hinges on the strength of the door.

Mounting the weight of a spare tire, storage box, bike rack, etc. full time will significantly accelerate the wear and tear of your van’s doors and hinges.

With the UltraSwing all the weight is taken off your doors and placed on the trailer hitch. Your van’s hitch was actually engineered to take heavy loads, unlike the van’s doors and hinges.

Lifting bike to van door bike rack

2. How heavy can you lift?

Consider the weight of your bikes. Most of these solutions put the bikes high up in the air. Do you have an e-bike or think you may in the future? Consider how a full overhead press of your bikes will feel after a long ride or as you possibly find yourself not as fit as you once were.

With the UltraSwing your bikes mount just above the height of the hitch receiver, so loading and unloading bikes won’t pop your shoulders out of their socket.

UltraSwing spare tire carrier on Ford Transit van

3. Are you sure you want to go full-time?

Do youreally need to carry all your adventure gear around day-to-day? With the door-mounted options you’re making a full-time commitment. Need to go run errands and squeeze into the last parking spot at Home Depot on a Saturday? You’ll be contending with the extra gear on the back of your doors all day, every day.

With the UltraSwing you can easily remove it anytime and throw it in the garage until your next trip. It’s an awesome feeling to get the convenience of your van back when you’ve got loads of errands to run and no trips coming in the next week.

UltraSwing spare tire carrier works on vans and trucks

4. (Bonus) Do you have another vehicle?

Most van rear door spare tire mounts will run you about $1,500. Add another door’s worth of mounting options, and you’ll probably spend about $2,500.

The same UltraSwing that fits Sprinter, Transit, Promaster, etc. also fits almost any full size truck or SUV. For the same starting price of around $1,500 you can invest in a solution that can go with you from vehicle-to-vehicle for a lifetime of adventures in any rig.

Learn more about the UltraSwing here.

Does your van already have a door-mounted storage solution? Check out the RambleSwing™ swing out hitch rack to make carrying your bikes easier and our RambleRack™ heavy duty hitch bike rack to keep your bikes safer and more secure than any other rack out there.

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