RiG'd UltraSwing | Hitch Spare Tire Carrier | NEW Unboxing Video

February 16, 2024 1 min read

Here's a fresh look at the refinements we've made to our flagship product the UltraSwing® over the past six years. Thanks to everyone who's chosen to ramble with us.

We started with a napkin sketch, no money, and a prayer. Six years of laser focused effort improving ONE THING is how we’ve taken the UltraSwing® this far. A few life lessons we’ve learned along the way is that it will never be easy, and it will never feel comfortable. Each day is a choice to get up, surrender all your entitlement that you should have “made it” by now, or deserve to finally be comfortable, and keep going. You can never fully escape the pain and hardships life throws at you. The only comfort that exists is embracing the truth that the joy is found in the journey. This is why we exist “For the Aimless Journey”. #RambleWithUs

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