Spare tires are the easy part | Why the UltraSwing® won't be getting any lighter

July 02, 2024 1 min read

Could we make a lighter version of the UltraSwing?

With the growing popularity of utilizing the UltraSwing® as a swing out for bike racks, a camp table, fuel/water, etc., but NOT as a spare tire carrier, we've been asked this question. 

UltraSwing and RambleRack

Spare tires are the easy part.

While this is a natural question to raise, the reality is that carrying a full size spare tire is the easy part. So what's the hard part? Bikes. Bike are extended up to several feet away from the vehicle creating whopping amounts of leverage. Add the fact that the growing majority of those are e-bikes and it's a tall order to fill.

RambleSwing 2 bike RambleRack

Worth its weight.

The UltraSwing weighs 65 lbs. In comparison, the RambleSwing weighs 60 lbs and is only a swinging hitch mount with an integrated step. The reality of engineering the ultimate solution to carry bikes is even if that's ALL you carry, the demands of carrying multiple e-bikes or the extreme leverage incurred by vertical style bike racks far outweigh the demands of even a 40" spare tire and some fuel/water mounted nice and snug up to the UltraSwing. Learn more about the dynamics of bike racks on swing outs here.

UltraSwing and RambleRack Raptor

Learn more about the UltraSwing® here.

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