June 25, 2024 2 min read

RambleSwing assembly

In an effort to get ahead of anyone’s critique of our decision to use AI to handle some of our basic repetitive customer service inquiries, I wanted to fill you in on the behind the scenes of RiG’d.

We only have A-team members here, and we like it that way.

We’re a very small team, every one of our employees is an extremely valuable Swiss Army Knife of skill sets. They’re extremely knowledgeable and have the skills to fill a wide range of positions within our company. 

Anyone who’s been around a company with customers knows that customer service is a grind. And no matter how hard you try, there’s a level of repetitiveness to it. “Where’s my order?” Can I check my tracking?” “How much does it cost?” These are not complicated questions, but they take up time. Time that our A-team isn’t handling much more complex challenges that each day brings.

RiG'd Assembly

Customer service is a hard job, and letting AI jump in to handle some of the repetitive work so we can do better customer service is a good thing.

We are letting AI try to learn and answer some of the repetitive questions in our inbox because the same employees answering WISMO’s (where is my order?) are the ones building UltraSwings, RambleSwings, RambleRacks, etc., installing units on customer’s vehicles, visiting dealers, and a host of other roles and responsibilities. Even myself, the CEO has to jump in and try to keep up with the incoming and very repetitive requests we receive daily. I can assure you that although there are no egos in our team above answering the monotonous WISMO, and every customer’s experience is extremely important to us, the ability to continue to innovate is definitely stifled when we are just trying to keep the inbox at bay. 

Overland Expo

This isn’t a matter of eliminating jobs, but giving our employees their primary jobs back.

Giving us time for face-to-face conversations with customers, going to Overland Expos and meeting customers in real life. We can handle the unique vehicle fitment requests we receive daily, and get bandwidth back to be able to take phone calls and hear how we can help you have the best possible experience on your next ramble. Maybe even have time to learn more about your build and your travel plans,because we love hearing what rad people like yourself are up to.Our hope is to have AI give us the time back to have a conversation with you about the stuff that keeps us stoked to do what we do. 

UltraSwing and UltraTable

The goal is not to lose human interaction but to gain it back, with better quality than we’ve had before.

If you don’t believe me, ask our employees if they’d rather be out rambling with customers in the wild and talking about a rig build on the phone or pounding the keyboard an extra day to keep up with the WISMOs. 

No matter how good AI gets, we can assure you our A-team is only ever a phone call or email saying "I need the A-team" away.

P.S. This was not written by AI.

See you on the trails,

Luke Wronski, CEO RiG’d Supply

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