The best bike rack swingout

June 16, 2023 1 min read

We don't care what bike rack you have.

We get it. You already own a bike rack (or three). You just shelled out $900 on a new fork and the last thing you want to spend money on is another bike rack. 

1UP bike rack with RambleSwing

We want you to get the most out of it.

We exist to give you the best possible experience wherever you choose to ramble. So how do you make your current bike rack work better? Make it swing out!

RambleSwing with 1Up rack

Remove the fear factor.

A swingout makes your bike rack experience better. Unless that swingout makes you uncomfortable with the amount of additional movement it causes.

Introducing: RambleSwing™

RambleSwing™ is the burliest bike rack swingout you'll find. Designed to be as stiff as physics allow, while giving you the added benefits of an integrated step and the ability to swing out left or right.

Learn more here.

Don't like your current bike rack? Learn more about the RambleRack™ here.

Photo cred: @jweinberg

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