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Who is Travis?

Travis is an infantry veteran now working as an executive protection agent. This line of work requires Travis to go ahead of his clients into different territories and scout out areas to protect and prepare for potential hazards, emergency medical response times, climate factors, etc. In his spare time, Travis is helping to build Fieldcraft Survival, a company that provides training courses ranging from everyday carry and long-range training to wilderness survival and emergency medical.

Whether it's for bugging out of LA after a massive earthquake or getting off-grid to escape the nine-to-five grind, when it came time to build a rig Travis' approach was to essentially build a go-bag on wheels.

The Rig

2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail

Why a 4Runner? Travis views his rig as a tool. In his own words, "I'm not a rock crawler or a full-time overlander". The 4Runner is his daily driver, and like all of Travis' gear, needs to be ready to survive for at least 72 hours. Travis is just as concerned about what's kept inside the rig at all times as he is about any exterior peice of gear.

Rig Highlights

Travis kept things stealthy with an Avery Satin Khaki Green wrap by @vaderwerks and McQueen Fiberglass Fenders with Snorkel Integration. Because sometimes bugging out means going fast, a Magnuson Supercharger keeps this 4Runner ready to bail quick.

Other highlights include: VTX Rogue17×8.5 Custom Powder-coated Silver Wheels and Toyo Open Country MT 285/75/17 Tires with Revolution Gear and Axle 4.88 Gears to keep shifts smooth, Safari 4×4 Engineering Snorkel, All Terrain Concepts exterior lighting and KC HiLight Cyclone 4 (Red) interior cabin lighting controlled with a Switch-Pros 9100 8 Switch Panel Power System.


Pelfreybilt Aluminum Front Bumper.


Keeping Travis out of the elements is a Freespirit Recreation High-Country roof top tent and Front Runner Outfitters 2M Awning. Travis gets a lot of use from his awning both camping and while instructing classes.


To quote Travis, "...humans can only last 3 days without water and it has been said that a human, to be properly hydrated, will need to consume at least 64oz or .5 gallons a day. With that being said, you can go 8 days if you are by yourself with one fill up of the HydroBlu jerry can. If you are like me and carry a regular jerry can with you with water, you can now use that solely for the other items you need to rinse i.e. dishes, feet, surfboards, etc. Leave your drinking water needs to the HydroBlu."


Front Runner Outfitters Slimline II

Wavian Jerry Cans

Inside the Rig is a Goose Gear Camp Kitchen and Snomaster CL56D Fridge.

Delete Your Seat

For stealth camping in places where deploying a roof top tent is not ideal, Travis has a Goose Gear Seat Delete and Sleeping Platform allwoing him to sleep inside the rig.

Recovery & Air

Krazy Beaver Shovel

Tred Pro & Tred 4×4 1100s

Mean Mother Edge Winch 9500 Lb W/Synthetic Rope

Factor55 Fairlead

Smittybilt Compressor and 10lb PowerTank with Quick Release

First Aid

Travis carries three kits ranging from basic med to PHTLS (pre-hospital trauma life support) and the Fieldcraft Survival Green Beret Minimalist Survival Kit was designed, approved, and field tested by U.S. Special Forces operators and subject matter experts, and has the essentials.

Survival is a Mindset

When I asked Travis what one of the most important pieces of survival equipment to never forget is, his response was "mindset". Regardless of the gear you may or may not have, the ability to stay calm and educate yourself to your environment is just as important as the gear you may have in your Go-Bag or rig. Follow along with @travis_teamfieldcraft and check out Fieldcraft Survival to find out more about upcoming survival courses and gear.

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