Buck's Bar Horns

Buck's began from being burnt out from two years of nose to the grindstone work on the RambleRack™ heavy duty hitch bike rack. As the torch passed from design to production, we took a step back and let our eyes wander as we went about our regular riding routines.

Buck’s was born from a bit of gravel bike envy mixed with an unwillingness to sacrifice the fun of our local mountain bike trails. The simplicity of riding from the house to the trailhead is awesome, but after putting in the work to get to the trails, why sell your ride short?

Buck’s is about doing things your own unique way, not needing to fit the mold, and exploring what’s possible when you look for ways to accomplish a goal with what you already have. The first pair of Buck’s was just a set of ‘80s bar ends stolen from one of our parent’s garages, mounted inboard of the grips, and wrapped. From there we took that premise and optimized it to work with modern brake, shifter, grip, and bar geometries.

The end result is an easily installed or removed solution to give 3 additional hand positions to your flat bar bike reducing hand fatigue, improving aerodynamics, and making those stretches of road to and from the trail, or that BIG ride you’ve been planning a whole lot more enjoyable. #RideTheBuck

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