Top 3 reasons why RambleRack is the best bike rack for UltraSwing owners

June 08, 2023 1 min read

After breaking every other bike rack, we set out to make one we couldn't...

RambleRack + UltraSwing

1. Safer 

The UltraSwing makes your average bike rack experience worse. It's not our fault, just physics. Learn more about the physics of bike racks in relation to a swing-out here. What may have passed as "adequate" by other standards just doesn't meet the actual demands we've experienced using bike racks with the UltraSwing.

The RambleRack's patent-pending front wheel retention system is the safest design in existence. Learn more about our process of developing it here.

2. Stronger

We're not exaggerating when we tell you we've broken every leading bike rack on the market. Real off-road use is incredibly hard on bike racks (and bikes). The existing bike rack landscape designed racks to be adequate for a very occasional gravel fire road at best. RambleRack is strong enough to hold the heaviest e-bikes on the harshest trails, and we back it with our Ramble for Life warranty.

RambleRack mounting options

3. Perfect Fitment

We were able to make the RambleRack fitment options perfected around the UltraSwing. In addition to our static stinger mounts, we created alternative mounting locations like our channel mount, which mounts in place of a spare tire on the UltraSwing.

Learn more about the RambleRack here.

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