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  Photos by @_jim_bob 🐍

UltraSwing bike park install

On a recent trip up to Santa’s Village Bike Park, we had the chance to bust out a parking lot install of our 4Runner UltraSwing on Brian’s rig. 

Tacodust berm ride

Every UltraSwing comes 90% assembled so you can spend less time turning a wrench, and more time ripping laps.

Table Mount UltraSwing Install

Our new Table Mounts are ultra-simple to install. With just a couple bolts your Camp Table is securely mounted, providing a rock-solid place to throw your helmet down and crack a cold one after a long day of schralping, sending and shred-signaling.

Tacodust drift

@tacodust keeping it dusty.

Lone Wolf 4Runner

Brian lives full-time out of his 4Runner as he travels and runs his own business, Lone Wolf Suspension, tuning and servicing mountain bike suspension. Living out of a 4Runner with bikes on the rack 24/7, Brian experienced the annoyance of stepping around his bikes and rack constantly.

UltraSwing Patent Pending

The UltraSwing’s patent-pending secondary hitch design provides the ideal experience for swinging bikes out of the way. The off-set hitch design allows modern long-wheelbase enduro bikes to fully swing out of the way, while still not protruding past the vehicle’s driver-side mirror.

Tacodust wood features

Until next time, happy trails 🤙

Photos by @_jim_bob 🐍

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Jesse James
Jesse James

January 04, 2021

What kind of bike rack is he rocking?

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