December 19, 2018 2 min read

4Runner UltraSwing

Few of us limit ourselves to one type of trip. The key to our 4Runner build was to find gear that adapts to the application. On a recent day trip to a SoCal surf spot, we took the time to document a few pieces of gear, and how each piece works when the goal is more time in the water.

No matter the chosen activity, we all want to find more time to do it, whether it's surfing, or just doing more of nothing, we hope some of this gear can help you maximize your efforts.

The Front Runner Slimline II Rack is a complete system for carrying your gear. One of the things we love about Front Runner is that they took the time to think about how different lifestyles will use a rack.

Case in point, Front Runner Tie Down Rings keep their custom surf pads from sliding around and also provide a direct point for strapping to.

The built-in bungee and carabiners of Front Runner Stratchit Shorties provide a super fast way to secure a board, Wolf Packs, an Ortileb waterproof duffle, or anything else you need to strap down.

Slotted rails, combined with tie-down rings make customization to your rack lighting fast. 

Wolf Packs are stackable, clip-to-close, and super rugged. Definitely a go-to for just about anything you’re up to.

 Front runner designed their own rack-specific surf pads that provide a perfect solution for carrying boards.

One of the best features to the design is that the pads are locked into place on the slats and don't slide from side to side as you lift your board on.

Faster access. Accessing all the roof-mounted gear can be a challenge. The C4 Fabrication Summit Ladder is a great bolt-on solution for getting to all your gear. 

When we designed the UltraSwing rear tire carrier we set a high priority on ease-of-use getting in and out of the rig. The adjustable compression latch we chose keeps you from fidgeting with the closure.

The Dometic CFX 50 fridge provides ample room for keeping water jugs and your lunch chilled. The other great thing about a fridge is that you never have to plan ahead and buy ice. Turn it on and chill out.

 The Front Runner rack slats are moveable and you can also purchase extras if you wanted to create a seamless walking platform.

No matter what you love doing, having gear that helps you do it more is worth it.

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